We started off with designing the logo which is vibrant, bright and striking. It tells you everything you needed to know about the business at first glance – That they are local and upbeat as well as being informative about the company’s purpose.


After this, the next natural step was to get started on a website. We kept the original colour scheme of the logo in place and set about working on getting the content across without overloading the website with too much information.


We achieved this through using carefully selected graphics and portfolio photographs to demonstrate the talent of Auto Prep. At the same time as creating the website, we set out to take some informative commercial photographs of Auto Prep to represent the business.


After this, Auto Prep came back to us for leaflets and business cards, and one of our most fun projects – the van livery. We took the logo and made a design for the van that would really draw your eye at the same time as being informative. We also got to work on some T-Shirts to maximise the marketing potential that the company could draw in.

Auto Prep Dawlish website designed and created by Bunker Design and Photography

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Auto Prep Repair

DESKTOP, MOBILE Website & Commercial Photography

Auto Prep Repair

Desktop, mobile website & commercial photography

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