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When Beldings Rockabilly Bakery first came to us, it was as a fresh business with a fresh idea. We loved the idea, we love the pies and we loved the styles and were excited to try out some new designs.


Beldings Rockabilly Bakery approached Bunker Design with only a logo so we got a real feel for the direction of the site when we first sat down to play with different designs. Once the frame was done, the rest fell into place.


One of the first points of action was to create a unique gallery of images that truly represented the brand. We were invited into their kitchen one day to take real life photographs of Rockabilly Bakery doing what they do best. We even managed to sneak a few pies out of the kitchen and back to headquarters…purely for photographic reasons, honestly! We built a collection of images that realistically represents their gorgeously delicious pies.


With images in place, the rest came to form and the website started slotting together rather fabulously. We ended up with a 1950’s fusion of music and style that really represented the brand. 

Home made chunky pies by Rockabilly Bakery

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Fresh, chunky pies by Rockabilly Bakery

Rockabilly Bakery

Website & Commercial Photography


Website & Commercial Photography

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